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For many operators, irrigation for business parks, theme parks and large, often communal residential gardens is central to maintaining the costs and quality of a landscape. With the right irrigation, managers can ensure consistency, whilst minimising waste and labour costs. With a full digital control system, a manager does not even need to be present to both become aware of the need for adjustment and to implement it.

Working with professional and contractor customers and end-users across many hundreds of larger landscape projects, the team at KAR UK have got to know what works, where. This includes knowing what kind of system is like to prove the best fit for any given grounds team, as well as for the landscape and the hopes for it.

Kasco (top, main photo) surface aerators maintain healthy water environments whilst being reliably low-maintenance in themselves.
Hunter automated sprinklers (above) retract when not in use, keeping them out of harm’s way. They typically last for many years.

We supply landscape and rescom irrigation products from the leading brands, worldwide

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