KAR UK: Kasco’s International Distributor of the Year 2023!

KAR UK, a prominent wholesaler specialising in irrigation solutions in the UK, has been honoured with the title of International Distributor of the Year 2023 by Kasco Marine. This award follows three consecutive years of being recognised as European Distributor of the Year, along with securing a Top Sales award in 2019.

Since its establishment in 1978, KAR UK has emerged as a leading wholesaler of irrigation equipment in the UK. In more recent years, the company has expanded its operations into various sectors, including water management, forging collaborative partnerships with industry leaders like Kasco Marine.

Kasco Marine, with a legacy spanning over five decades, is widely recognised as a pioneer in the marine industry. Specialising in innovative solutions and products for water quality management and aeration systems, Kasco Marine has earned a solid reputation as a trusted name in the realm of pond and lake management.

While both companies exhibited together at BTME 2024, Matt Frey, Kasco’s International Account Manager, presented the award to the KAR UK team. In a statement from Joe Holz, Director of Sales, Kasco commented “We are committed to developing and building top quality products and pairing that with the best customer service in the industry so we can offer you and your customers the best products and service available. That could not happen without committed, loyal, and enthusiastic distributors like you”.

KAR UK supplies Kasco products across the UK and Ireland. Kasco’s VFX fountain [above] was recently installed at Abridge Golf Club by distributor of KAR, Irrigation and Water.

Roger Lupton, Regional Sales Manager at KAR UK, expressed pride in receiving the award, commenting “We are very proud to be Kasco’s International Distributor of the Year. The partnership between KAR and Kasco continues to grow year-on-year, and we are committed to working together to provide the best water health solutions in the industry to the UK market”.

Among the products offered by KAR UK in collaboration with Kasco Marine are a comprehensive range of fountains, aerators, circulators, and de-icers. These products cater to various water management needs for ponds, lakes, and reservoirs, with fountains also serving as visually appealing aesthetic features.

KAR UK were recently presented with the International Distributor of the Year award by Kasco’s International Account Manager, Matt Frey.


For more information on Kasco Marine products, contact KAR UK Ltd on 0161 793 9703 or sales@karuk.com, or visit www.karuk.com.

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