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KAR UK was founded and built upon expertise in irrigation for horticulture, indoors and out. Central to every successful method of commercial horticulture worldwide today, irrigation and water control systems avoid waste, reduce labour costs and maximise the speed and quality of plant growth.

Our regular professional and contractor customers are always hungry to know about – and test – the latest innovations and products. So we have always made it our business to check them all out and, if and when they have proven their worth, to stock them.

Over the years, this approach has given us a good understanding of the precision irrigation and fertigation systems on which large greenhouse operations increasingly rely. These systems often integrate with others – such as rainwater collection and attenuation – making our knowledge of the compatibility of products from very different manufacturers, all the more valuable.

We hold stock of all horticultural products and typically despatch orders to regular customers within 24 hours of ordering (and usually same day). To find out more, please call us on +44 (0)161 793 9703 or email

Rivulis/Plastro (main photo and above) continue to provide leading drip and micro irrigation solutions and to be amongst the most reliable of suppliers, year after year..

We supply horticulture irrigation products from the leading brands, worldwide

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