Hunter Takes Radcliffe FC to Next Level

Radcliffe Football Club has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1949. Over the years, the club has grown and evolved, attracting talented players and dedicated fans. In 2020, the club welcomed Head Groundsman Billy Quarmby, who quickly got to work on improving the playing conditions. At that time, the pitch was a soil root zone surface with no drainage or irrigation, making it a challenging environment for both the players and grounds staff. Recognising the need for change, the club made the decision to invest in a new irrigation system in 2022. This forward-thinking move has helped to transform the pitch into a top-class playing surface, combatting issues such as burn-off in the summer, and ensuring that Radcliffe Football Club remains a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

KAR UK Ltd, in conjunction with AKWA Irrigation Services Ltd, supplied a state-of-the-art Hunter Industries system, which was expertly designed and installed by AKWA Irrigation Services Ltd. This cutting-edge system promises to deliver optimal results and enhance the efficiency of the irrigation process.

I-80 sprinklers in action!

Equipped with the latest technology, the new system boasts an ICC2 controller complete with the Centralus system, and a ROAM remote. This advanced setup allows for easy and convenient control of the irrigation system. Furthermore, the installation features I-80 rotors with turf cups, ensuring a seamless blend into the playing surface. Additionally, TTS885 rotors have been incorporated to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the new irrigation system.

Both TTS885 and I80s have been designed with Total-Top-Serviceability in mind. This innovative feature allows for easy access and maintenance of the irrigation system, ensuring that any issues can be quickly and efficiently resolved. With no-dig Total-Top-Serviceability, the maintenance process becomes streamlined and hassle-free, providing peace of mind to the users of the system. “I have found the TTS feature of the rotors massively convenient. It doesn’t damage the service by having to get down to them, as we are simply able to whip them out and see the problem and replace or fix the parts there and then” explained Billy, “On one occasion I had to readjust the arc on a couple of the perimeter sprinklers. After watching the step-by-step tutorial on KAR’s YouTube channel, I realised how simple it was to reset the arc and was able to do it very quickly and with ease”.

Hunter Industries’ ICC2 controller is responsible for the efficient and effective control of the system. This advanced controller boasts a multitude of features and settings, allowing for precise and customisable control of the irrigation system. “The ICC2 controller is easy to use, and with the built-in manual, I have been able to teach the apprentices how to use it too,” Billy said, “The compatible ROAM remote is useful on match days as it is quick and adaptive by allowing me to switch on the water straight away.”

Radcliffe FC’s ICC2 controller, complete with an instruction manual for easy use

Billy is also able to access the system remotely via his mobile phone, tablet or laptop with the use of the Centralus programme. With Centralus, Billy can easily monitor and adjust the irrigation settings, ensuring that the system is running optimally at all times. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility to the system. “The ability to switch on the water when I am at home and I can see on the cameras that it is needed is very convenient”, said Billy.

Head Groundsman Billy spectating the new Hunter irrigation system

“My favourite feature of the system overall is the Total-Top-Serviceable rotors. Having seen at other clubs the damage it can cause to dig down when a rotor needs replacing or servicing, the TTS feature is massively beneficial” Billy further commented.


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