KAR UK bringing Hunter to SALTEX 2021

KAR UK – the leading wholesaler of irrigation equipment in the UK, will be on stand E053 at SALTEX 2021 showcasing a wide range of innovative Hunter products.

As an integral distributor of Hunter Industries irrigation equipment, the KAR UK team will be revealing how the following products can have a positive impact on an array of various sports turf surfaces.

TTS-885 rotor

This rotor belongs to the Hunter TTS-800 portfolio and provides maximum uniformity and longevity. The high-torque gear drives are the strongest in the industry, so the challenges of reclaimed water use, or poor water quality are mitigated.

The TTS-885 also benefits from Hunter’s patented TTS (Total-Top-Service) technology which allows for every serviceable element of the rotor to be accessed through the top.

Mechanical and electrical, big and small, you can get to every component without disturbing the playing surface. That means there’s no more digging, no more unsightly scars, and more importantly, one less item on a busy turf manager’s schedule.

Other notable features of the TTS-885 include true full-circle and adjustable part-circle (60° to 360°), exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology, and a radius of 11.3 to 28.7 m.

I-80 rotor

Engineered for sports turf, the I-80 is built with a robust, dirt-tolerant gear drive that offers the highest torque output of any rotor in the commercial sphere, and extends a radius range from 11.3 to 29.6 m. The I-80 features a wide range of highly efficient, dual-trajectory, wind-fighting nozzles for highly efficient performance in a range of applications. It also provides TTS via its integrated, surface-mounted snap-ring for no-dig easy maintenance.

ACC2 controller

Powerful. Intelligent. Flexible. Hunter’s new ACC2 controller delivers advanced water management to meet the demands of large-scale commercial projects.

At its core, the ACC2 has a powerful transformer, allowing it to safely run up to 14 valves simultaneously, bringing maximum efficiency to large watering schedules. The ACC2 can be configured for any commercial project, from 12 to 54 stations, with up to 6 flow metre inputs, and up to 6 pump/master valve outputs. Its easy-to-read colour backlit display and unique reversible facepack make programme setup and diagnostics fast and efficient.


The mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform provides highly secure, comprehensive cloud-based control and monitoring features to new or existing ICC2 dial-based controllers and ACC2 controllers. The connectivity allows you to view a controller’s status, change settings, view forecasts, save water, and receive instant notification of important system alarms — all without costly and time-consuming travel and site visits.

Experienced members of staff from KAR UK will be on hand throughout the event to provide advice and support for any of your irrigation projects.

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