Bermad ‘Omega’ cloud irrigation controller

KAR UK is delighted to be supplying the Omega, Bermad’s advanced cloud-based irrigation controller. The Omega offers anywhere-anytime connectivity to your irrigation system using the Bermad Cloud and smartphone app. It is a stand-alone battery-operated controller, designed to be a user-friendly and cost effective solution for irrigation systems, water distribution, data acquisition and pre-paid systems (districts & consortiums).

Typical applications for the system include:
– Professional Volumetric and Time Based irrigation control
– Open fields, orchards, vineyards, mesh houses, greenhouses and landscape
– Auxiliary control of remote areas, beyond reach of main farm control systems
– Water distribution, Pre-paid and Data acquisition systems for Districts & Consortiums

For further information, please:

– see the YouTube video from Bermad, here:
– download the product information sheet here
– or contact Moshe Berlagoski today on 0161 793 9703 or via our Kontaktseite

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