Amiad New Sigma Series for Improved Irrigation Filtration

KAR UK is delighted to be supplying the Amiad Mini Sigma self-cleaning screen filter to the UK and international markets. The Mini Sigmais an innovative automatic self-cleaning filter that is both lightweight and durable with maximum installation flexibility. The Mini Sigma has automatic self-cleaning filters, which don’t require manual flushing, need very little maintenance, and have an efficient self-cleaning mechanism.

Key features include:
– Compact and modular design – small footprint and various installation configurations
– Polymeric filter – corrosion-free – with low water and energy consumption
– Designed to handle low water pressure, with a capacity of up to 80m3/h and with filtration degrees from 80-500 micron
– Includes Amiad’s unique suction-scanning cleaning technology
– Operated by the ADI-P electronic controller

For further information, please:

– see the YouTube video from Amiad here:
– download the product information sheet here
– or contact Moshe Berlagoski today on 0161 793 9703 or via our Kontaktseite

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