KAR UK Honoured with Hunter’s 2023 Sales Achievement Award

KAR UK Limited, a leading UK wholesaler of irrigation equipment, was recently presented with Hunter Industries’ Sales Achievement Award for 2023.

The collaboration between KAR UK Ltd and Hunter Industries traces its roots back to 2014 when the two companies joined forces with a common goal: to revolutionise irrigation systems across the UK. Hunter Industries, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions, boasts a diverse product line catering to various sectors including golf and sports, residential, and commercial applications. KAR UK, recognising the unparalleled quality and innovation of Hunter’s offerings, took on the mantle of distributing these state-of-the-art irrigation systems throughout the UK and Ireland markets.

Jade Tomlinson, Managing Director of KAR UK Ltd, commented: “I am so pleased that KAR has received this award, it really is a credit to all of the team and shows the commitment and time we have focused on growing the Hunter/KAR brand and relationship”.

The Sales Achievement Award not only celebrates the success of the team at KAR UK but also serves as a testament to the exceptional quality and performance of Hunter’s irrigation technology, consistently earning industry-wide recognition.

Looking ahead, KAR UK remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence in irrigation equipment, bolstered by ongoing support from valued clients and partners such as Hunter Industries.


For more information on irrigation products for Golf & Sportsturf, Horticulture, Agriculture and Landscape & Rescom, contact KAR UK Ltd on 0161 793 9703 or sales@karuk.com, or visit www.karuk.com.

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