Reece Emmony Enhances KAR’s Expertise in Water Pumps

KAR UK Ltd, the leading wholesale supplier of irrigation equipment in the UK, is delighted to introduce Reece Emmony as its new National Pump Sales Manager. This addition significantly bolsters the company’s knowledge and specialisation in the realm of water pumps.

Reece will now serve as the primary point of contact for all pump-related sales and enquiries, catering to KAR’s entire customer base. In his role, he will collaborate closely with renowned pump manufacturers, such as Xylem and Grundfos, striving to offer customers tailored recommendations that perfectly address their unique requirements.

In 2016, Reece embarked on his career as a member of the sales team at Flow Mech Products Ltd. There, he gained skills and knowledge in booster sets and pressurised units. In 2019, he transitioned to Smiths Brothers Stores Ltd, assuming the position of Internal Pump Sales.

In the years that followed, Reece continued to advance in his field. He joined Fluid Water Solutions Ltd as Area Sales Manager, and later contributed his expertise at Stuart Turner Ltd as Technical Sales Manager.

“Growing the pump division within KAR is a huge project and one I’m really happy to be a part of, and start what I am confident will be a successful journey”, said Reece.

For pump enquiries, please contact Reece Emmony at
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